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Click for HOME --- Hope for Chronic Clutter and Hoarding - at the ClutterWorkshop.com! Beth Johnson, professional organizer, keynote speaker, conducts support groups for chronic clutter and hoarding.
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Testimonials & Comments

Beth Johnson, from the ClutterWorkshop.com, has helped many individuals overcome their clutter issues. Read a few comments on what people are saying about her.

Rich, San Diego CA
"Thank you for helping me join the human race again."
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Dr. Randy Frost

Dr. Randy O. Frost, Ph.D., Smith College
Leading researcher on the chronically cluttered.

"In her Clutter Workshop and Support Group, Beth Johnson brings together individuals who might otherwise have difficulty coming together. Unlike a traditional pathology-driven therapy group, the participants in her group become actively and creatively involved in problem-solving. As Beth looks to the future instead of the past, it's not "How did we get here?" but "Where do we go from here to make things better?"

I value her problem-solving approach. Beth works extensively with ways to provide motivation, a crucial key to solving the clutter dilemma. Many of her ideas have given me fresh insights, which I've incorporated into my work.

Beth and I have talked frequently over the years about the issue of chronic clutter. She's read much of what I have written on the subject, and her methods have a firm foundation in current research by those knowledgeable in the field.

Beth brings her enthusiasm and a sense of comfort and support to her program. She truly cares about helping people, and this creates a positive atmosphere which, in turn, manifests itself in positive results. I applaud her determination and innovative work."

Paul Schwartzreich, New York City
Producer, MSNBC Investigates

"Beth Johnson is a dynamic speaker, and a charismatic mentor to those who attend her meetings.  Aside from providing an invaluable resource for those who have no where else to turn, Beth is an incredibly dedicated individual."

Doreen Doyle, Boston MA
Professional Organizer and  NAPO Member

"This is a unique and enlightening workshop!  How much I enjoyed, and LEARNED from, the Clutter Workshop!  I was amazed at Beth's depth of compassion, expertise, and even spirituality, in approaching the serious issue of de-cluttering. Letting go of the possessions of a loved one can be tantamount to letting go of the loved one.  We must never forget the pain and loss people feel. The service Beth provides is priceless!  

I love Beth's personality, approach, expertise, even spirituality!  I love her quality, intelligence, and research!"

Joan Jakiela, M.S., C.T.R.S. Manchester Community College Joan Jakiela, M.S., C.T.R.S.
Manchester Community College
Co-ordinator of Gerontology

"Beth Johnson is a very engaging speaker.  I left her workshop motivated and invigorated.  Beth's presentation included lecture, slides, and small group work.  Beth is an intelligent individual, and an interesting and articulate speaker.  I'm sure you will enjoy Beth's infectious enthusiasm towards her subject!"

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